The idea behind Duh Showoffz was conceived when we realized what a ‘social media life’ has become today – people love to show off anything that can be boasted about. You buy a new car, you post it online. You have a child, you post pictures of the little-you online, you get a house, it goes on your social media. Our team took that boastful essence and created a dedicated platform – Duh Showoffz – around it. This is a website where people are allowed to openly show off their possessions and belongings. Duh Showoffz is kept free for everyone! We believe that if you own something good or unique, why keep it hidden? Nothing comes easy in this world, and if you have bought something with your hard work and efforts, then it is worth showing off! Let the world know and praise what you have! Become part of Duh Showoffz community today for free!!

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